The Kindling:

After a very long hiatus from poetry, I’ve taken pen to paper again.

This month I was featured in The Kindling Journal, which is a brand new journal dedicated to supporting and publishing the best poetry written in universities across the UK and Ireland.

This issue is called ‘Days are Small Doors’, and you can read my poem ‘No Woman Is A Country’ by clicking on this link


SingPoWriMo 2015: The Anthology

The 2015 SingPoWriMo anthology has officially been released!!!

This fantastic poetry anthology contains 157 poems pooled from a collection of work by over 1300 Singaporean poets, all of whom were given the challenge to write a poem every day in the month of April this year. The release of this book is also especially exciting for me as it’s the first time my work has been featured in a printed anthology.

My pieces featured in this anthology are:

  • ‘At 20:65’
  • ‘Overnight Vigil’
  • ‘Explaining Disappointment’
  • ‘The Last Songbird of Singapore’
  • ‘In Time’
  • ‘The Only Woman I Ever Loved’

It would be wonderful if you could buy a copy of the anthology. It’d make a lovely Christmas gift for someone you love (or yourself!), and would also be a nice way to show some support for the local growing literature scene.

Get your copy online at this link, or in-store at Books Actually.

August 2015: Two Updates

Some exciting things:

  1. One of my poems, The Last Songbird of Singapore, has been featured in Vol. 14 of the local literary periodical Quarterly Literary Review Singapore (QLRS). You can check it out at this link.

  2. In November, 6 of my poems (you can read them then!) will be published in the 2015 “SingPoWriMo” Anthology. To find out more about the anthology, as well as to get a pre-order copy of it at a very very special discounted price, please visit this page.

I’m obviously insanely excited about both of these developments. Thank you to everyone who has read my poetry/critiqued/encouraged along the way. Y’all are truly, truly, a big part of why I write and whom I write for. Stay tuned!